American borders have contained more guns than people for decades.

You can’t shoot Covid. If you shoot the military that knocks at your door insisting on giving you a vaccine you will eventually be shot and killed because there are thousands more of them than you. And they have been trained and brainwashed to not exercise common sense or kindness to humanity. Proof being the steep rise in suicide of current and ex military people who discover they cannot live with the regret for things they have done to fellow humans.

If it becomes necessary to leave your house and violently acquire food, you will likely be killed and become food yourself.

For the people who think they would rather go down fighting, what’s the point? Do you want to live armed, in constant fear? Is that a life worth living?

Yes, American life is and has been under attack. A classic divide and conquer. See that, and join up for the common good. Strikes and boycotts, people in the streets, insuring honest elections, and credible elected officials will accomplish more for yourself and America than will guns.

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